Thuya Wood Accessories from Morocco

Within the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and Algeria you will find the exotic Thuya tree. It grows at relatively low altitudes in a hot, dry subtropical Mediterranean climate. Thuya wood ‘burls’, the knobby outgrowths of the trunk or branches, produce... read more

Metal sculptures from Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe work in media other than stone. In recent years metal sculptures has become an increasingly popular art form with Zimbabwean sculpters and local artists have received national and international awards for their metal sculpture creations. Metal work from... read more

Traditional African basket weaving

Today in Africa, which encompasses 54 countries and thousands of languages, a wide variety of basket traditions coexists. While methods are time-honored and stable, materials can be new and changing. As natural resources become scarce, African basket makers adapt by... read more

An African Adventure

Amid the eclectic and unique businesses in Gulf Gate Village, Sarasota, lies African art gallery Nontando, now in its 12th year of operation. Specializing in traditional artifacts and contemporary pieces, Nontando offers a cross-section of ceremonial and everyday... read more

An EGGceptional Gift

Looking for that unique Gift ? Ostrich eggs and Ostrich Egg lamps make the most unusual and appreciated gifts, especially when featuring Africa’s extraordinary animals, landscape and village settings. Nontando, through our retail store in Sarasota and our online site... read more

African Jewelry – A stunning Gift Idea

Africa is where people first made and wore jewelry. Within African tradition, jewelry has cultural and symbolic significance often indicating an individual’s wealth, power and position in society. Across the regions of the African continent, tribal jewelry was most... read more

Nontando brings you the best of Shona Stone Carvings from Zimbabwe

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Since its inception in 2003, Nontando has been offering a wide selection of Shona Stone Carvings from Zimbabwe to its customers. For the past 10 years, on their annual buying trips to Africa, Nontando has been hand selecting a wide array of stone carvings from... read more